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Blasphemous – Book Grego


Este Livro é a reunião dos 2 únicos Fanzines feitos pelo Morbido da banda Black Metal Grego Necromantia. São 180 paginas, limitado em 500 copias. Escrito em Inglês.


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The official reprint of the Blasphemous mag 1+2 issues, under licence from The Magus (Necromantia, Principality Of Hell, Thou Art Lord), the original publisher.

Blasphemous mag (english written) was released in the early 90s with these 2 issues featuring lot of the bands that marked the scene of death metal and early black metal. Used the layout and technics that most early publications had that period, cut ‘n pastetypewriterphoto collages.

A true glance into the past. Identify the purity of the bands in their beginning, the freshness of their words and ambitions in their early steps! 

More than 150 pages featuring interviews with:
Blasphemy, Misanthrope, Mortuary Drape, Atrocity, Sargatanas, Deceased, Varathron, Darkthrone, Nocturnus, Necromantia, Messiah, Baphomet, Deadhead, Pentagram, Entombed, Vital Remains, Sarcofago, Satanas, Sadus, Horrified, Impaled Nazarene, Possessed, The Gathering, Mourning, Acheron, Ancient Rites, Edge of Sanity, Mortify, Diabolus, Necrophobic, Obscure, Blood, At The Gates, Scypozoa, Bolt Thrower, Seance, Order from Chaos, Berkahal, Unholy, Sadist, Tiamat, Enslaver, My Dying Bride

plus many bands presentations, biographies like:
Master’s Hammer, Ripping Corpse, Sigh, Beherit, Necrofist, Alastis, Desecrator, Mystifier, Sex Trash, Abyss, Convulse, Occultus, Abhorrence, Necrophobic, Phlegethon, Vader, Septic Flesh, Blood Covered, Abysmal, Lemegethon, Bestial Summoning, Armoured Angel, Goatpenis, Demoncy, Obsecration, Desultury, Nocturnal Death, Nergal, Demigod, Putrid Offal, Sinister, Enslaved, Fester, Profanatica, Ceremonial Oath, Emperor, Osculum Infame, Tormentor, Belial, Afflicted, Sentenced, Abruptum, Amorphis, Lemegethon and many many more

Each issue of course is filled with the usual “Reviews” section and there is an extra section on each one with “Views on the Occult”.

In the book you will find the new prologue written by The Magushimself describing that period:
“…..late ‘80s-early 90’s. The golden era of the second wave of black metal. The age where extreme music was a never-ending storm of releases. When genres were formed and bands , which are now huge, were releasing demos. The time where music mattered and everyone was trying to find its own style, to walk its own dark path…”

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